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Our full range of fiberglass roving offers perfectly coordinated products and innovative systems that meet the highest quality standards.

Manufacture of fiberglass

CQDJ has specialized in the manufacture of fiberglass products that are suitable for different areas of application and industries.

Distribution in bulk

Order fiberglass in containers, and pallets. We guarantee that your order will be processed quickly.

Excellent quality

Our fiberglass products are easy to process and offer excellent mechanical and optical properties.

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Chongqing Dujiang Composites Co., Ltd., was established in 1980 and is located in Ou Rui Lan Jue Mansion, Yubei District, Chongqing. Since its establishment, the company has pursued development with sound integrity and has grown into an innovative technology enterprise with annual sales of 115 million yuan and total assets of 360 million yuan.

CQDJ Features
30 years of industrial process precipitation
Intelligent production management
More than 1000 specifications and varieties
Source factory Quality source
Senior R&D designer
A good after-sales service

Our products
Fiberglass systems, are made for different areas of application and industries. Fiberglass manufacturer

Our industries

Fiberglass manufacturer

Fiberglass production

Fiberglass raw material storage

Fiberglass roving production

Why choose us
The following factors will make you choose CQDJ

  • Certificates: CE, CB, RoHS, FCC, ETL, CARB certification, ISO 9001 certificate, and BSCI certificate.

  • Quality Assurance :100% mass production aging test, 100% material inspection, 100% functional test.

  • R&D Department: The R&D team includes electronic engineers, structural engineers, and exterior designers.

  • Modern production chain: Advanced automated production equipment workshop, including mold, injection molding workshop, production assembly workshop, silk screen printing workshop, and UV curing process workshop.

  • Provide support: Provide technical information and technical training support on a regular basis.

  • Warranty Service: One-year warranty period, lifetime after-sales service.

Impressions from the fiberglass production
Those pictures from our fiberglass factory

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