1. Process Concept
This process is mainly used for hollow, usually round, or oval parts such as pipes and tanks. The fiber bundle passes through a resin bath before being wound onto a mandrel whose rotational speed is controlled by the fiber delivery mechanism and the direction of the mandrel (Figure 2).

fiberglass roving for filament winding

Figure 2 Schematic diagram of filament winding process

2. Main materials
The resin matrix can choose any one of epoxy resin, polyester, vinyl ester, phenolic resin, etc., and the fiberglass type is not limited, but the fiberglass roving can be directly removed from the creel without being woven into a fabric.

3. Main advantages
i) This is a very fast and economical method of laying materials.
ii) The resin content can be controlled by measuring the resin on each fiber bundle through the chuck or die.
iii) Fiber costs are minimized as there is no second process of converting the fibers into fabrics prior to use.
iv) The structural properties of laminates can be very good because straight fibers can be laid in complex patterns to match the applied loads.

4. Major Disadvantages
i) The process is limited to male parts.
ii) Fibers cannot be easily laid along the length of the module.
iii) Large components can be costly.
iv) The outer surface of the component is not molded and therefore not aesthetically pleasing.
v) Low-viscosity resins are usually required because of their lower mechanical and safety properties.

5. Typical Applications
Chemical storage tanks and pipes, gas cylinders, and firefighter breathing tanks.

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