Alkali-free fiberglass roving for GMT

E-Glass Assembled Roving E-Glass Assembled Roving
E-Glass Direct Roving E-Glass Direct Roving
direct roving direct roving


GMT non-alkali glass fiber roving is made of a special sizing agent, which has good compatibility with modified PP resin, moderate fiber stiffness, excellent band forming and dispersion, and can give the composite excellent mechanical and electrical properties.

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GMT Process:

Generally, two layers of reinforcing mat are sandwiched between three layers of polypropylene, which are then heated and consolidated into a semi-finished sheet product. The semi-finished sheets are then heated and molded by stamping or compression process to make complex finished parts.

GMT fiberglass roving
Product code Resin compatibility Product Features Filament diameter(um)
360A PP Direct roving for GMT-UD, good textile performance 14
360H PP Direct roving for GMT, good dispersion 17
522 PP Assembled roving for GMT-RD. excellent choppability 13

End-Use Markets

(building materials /  automobiles / trucks)

Company Experience:

40 years of experience in fiberglass and FRP.
3 generations of the family are working in the composites industry.
Since 1980, we have focused on Fiberglass and FRP products.

CQDJ focuses on the deep processing of new glass fiber materials and supporting the upstream industry chain. The products cover glass fiber roving, as well as alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh, Glass fiber mat, fiberglass woven roving, and other products and fabrics. The company has successively passed the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO45001 occupational health and safety system, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, high-tech enterprise certification, and safety production standardization certification.

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