AR fiberglass roving alkali-resistant direct roving

E-Glass Direct Roving E-Glass Direct Roving
E-Glass Direct Roving E-Glass Direct Roving
E-Glass spray up Roving E-Glass spray up Roving
E-Glass Direct Roving E-Glass Direct Roving
fiberglass roving fiberglass roving


ARC 13- 2400H 16.7% is an alkali-resistant glass fiber roving (ZrO2>16.7) designed for use in all kinds of GRC exterior cladding panels and composites using the spray-applied production method. AR fiberglass roving.

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• Alkali-resistant fiberglass
• Safe easy handling
• Excellent mechanical performance
• Easy blending into the GRC matrix
• Easy spraying & chopping
• Perfect for incorporation into complicated


Application of AR fiberglass roving: Spray-up is similar to shotcrete in that the fluid concrete mixture (minus ARG fibers) is sprayed into the forms. The concrete is sprayed out of a gun-like nozzle that also chops and sprays a separate stream of long fibers. The concrete and fibers mix when they hit the forming surface. ARG fiber is fed off of a spool in a continuous thread into the gun, where blades cut it just before it is sprayed. Chopped fiber lengths tend to be much longer (about 1.5″) than fibers that get mixed in since long fibers would ball up if they were mixed into the concrete before spraying.


Type of glass Alkali Resistant(AR)
Zirconia (ZrO2) Content ≥16.7%
Filament diameter um 13±2
Strand tex 76±8
Roving tex 2700±270
Specific gravity 2.7g/m3
Elastic modelus 80.4Gpa
Tensile Strength 1.7GN/M2
Moisture Content ≤0.2%
Sizing Content 0.8-2.0%
Softening temperature 860°C
Stiffness ≥120mm
Fire resistance Incombustible inoranic material


•Unless otherwise specified, the fiberglass products should be stored in a dry, cool, and moisture-proof area.
• The fiberglass products should remain in their original package until prior to use. The room temperature and humidity should be always maintained at -10℃~35℃ and ≤80% respectively.
• To ensure safety and avoid damage to the product, the pallets should not be stacked more than three layers high.
• When the pallets are stacked in 2 or 3 layers, special care should be taken to correctly and smoothly move the top pallet.

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