Assembled Roving for Gypsum, LFI, and Centrifugal Casting

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Assembled Rovings for LFI
Assembled Rovings for LFI are compatible with PU and VE. They deliver properties of low static, excellent dispersion, and good wet-out in resin.

Assembled Roving for Centrifugal Casting
Assembled Roving for Centrifugal Casting is coated with a silane-based sizing, compatible with UP resin, and delivers excellent choppability and dispersion, low static, fast wet-out, and good mechanical properties of composite products.

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LFI Process:
The roving is chopped into a certain length using a spraying machine. The isocyanate, polyol, and chopped strand mixture is sprayed onto an open mold. The mold is then closed, heated and pressure applied, and the part is cured.

Reinforcements for Gypsum
The slurry is prepared by mixing gypsum powder with other fillers. Then fiberglass is added into the slurry. The slurry is laid on the conveyor for further drying and cutting to form the final sheet.

Centrifugal Casting Process:
The raw materials, including resin, chopped reinforcement (fiberglass), and filler, are fed into the interior of a rotating mold according to a specific proportion. Due to centrifugal force, the materials are pressed against the wall of the mold under pressure, and the compound materials are compacted and desired. After curing the composite part is removed from the mold.

Assembled Rovings for LFI

Product code Typical applications Product Features Nominal linear density(tex) Resin compatibility
440 Door skins, automotive parts Excellent choppability and dispersion, good mold flowability, the high mechanical strength of composite products 2400,4800 PU
180 Sanitary ware, FRP hulls, auto parts, chemical storage tanks Good runnability for spraying operation, moderate wet-out speed, easy roll-out, easy removal of bubbles, no spring back in sharp angles, excellent mechanical properties and hydrolytic resistance in parts, suitable for high-speed spray-up process with robots
180K Bathtubs Fast wet-out, ideal for products  with small surface
assembled roving for LFI

Assembled Roving for Gypsum

Product code Typical applications Product Features Nominal linear density(tex) Filament diameter(um)
512 Fireproof panels Excellent dispersion in slurry, very high mechanical properties 2400 15

Assembled Roving for Centrifugal Casting

Product code Resin compatibility Product Features Nominal linear density(tex) Filament diameter(um)
622 UP Fast wet-out, extremely low resin absorbability, high strength of composite products, designed for the European market 2400 15

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