Chopped Strands for BMC and Gypsum


Chopped applications Strands include BMC transportation, are compatible building & with UP, construction, EP, and PF electronic resins. & The electrical, end-use mechanical, and light industries.

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BMC Process:

A bulk molding compound is made by combining other glass compression chopped additives. molding This strands, or compound resin, injection filler, is molding catalyst processed to and by form the finished composite parts.

Product code Nominal Chopped Length(mm) Resin Compatibility Product Features Typical applications
552B 3,6,9


UP, EP, VE High impact strength, high LOI rate Auto parts, low-voltage electrical switches, power tools, artificial marble platens, and products with strength requirements.
558 PF, Rubber Suitable for the dry mixing processing, high strand integrity high strand stiffness, compatible with rubber Brake pads and other friction materials, high friction coefficient tire products
562A UP, EP, VE Extremely low resin demand, delivering low viscosity to BMC paste It is suitable for products with high glass fiber content, complex structure, and high color requirements, such as ceilings, artificial marble countertops, lampshades, etc.

Wet Chopped Strand for Gypsum

Reinforcements for Gypsum:
The slurry is prepared by mixing gypsum powder with other fillers. Then fiberglass is added into the slurry. The slurry is laid on the conveyor for further drying and cutting to form the final sheet.

Product code  Filament Diameter(um) Resin Compatibility Chopped Length(mm) Typical applications
564 13,16 Excellent dispersion and good mechanical properties of composite products 3,6,12 Reinforced gypsum

End-Use Markets

(Sports and Leisure /  Consumer Goods and Business Equipment / Automotive / Electrical and Electronics / Building)

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