E-glass fiber chopped strands for thermoplastics


The alkali-free glass fiber chopped strands for thermoplastics are formulated with a silicon-based coupling agent and special sizing agent and have good performance with matrix resins such as PA, PBT, PET, PP, AS, ABS, PC, PPS, m-PPO, LCP, etc. Compatibility, excellent clustering and fluidity, and good molding and processing properties, can endow the composite material with excellent mechanical properties and surface state.

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Extrusion and Injection Processes

The reinforcements (glass fiber roving or chopped strands) and thermoplastic resin are mixed in an extruder. After cooling, they are chopped into reinforced thermoplastic pellets. The pellets are fed into an injection molding machine to form finished parts.

Product code Product Features Resin Compatibility
508A Standard product PP, PE
508C Excellent product color and hydrolysis, resistance
510 Standard product, excellent mechanical properties, good color PC
510H Super high impact properties, glass loading below 15 wt.%
534A Standard product PBT, PET, ABS, AS, PS
534C Good dispersion, white color
540H Standard product, excellent hydrolysis resistance m-PPO
560A Standard product for PA6, PA66 PA
568H Suitable for PA6, PA66, PA46, HTN, and PPA, Excellent glycol resistance and super

High-temperature resistance

584 Standard product, excellent hydrolysis resistance PPS. LCP
EMG13-125C Compatible with all resins, high strength, and easy dispersion All resins

End-Use Markets

(Automotive / Consumer Goods and Business Equipment / Sports and Leisure / Electrical and Electronics / Building and Construction / Infrastructure)

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