E Glass Fiberglass Surface Mat Tissue for GRP Laminates

fiberglass surface mat fiberglass surface mat
fiberglass surface mat fiberglass surface mat


Fiberglass tissue mat features high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, dimensional stability, water resistance, high porosity, and easy saturation by bitumen. It is an ideal substrate material for asphalt roofing rolls and shingles.
Fiberglass tissue is mainly used for the surface layers of FRP products, chemical corrosion resistance, thermal insulation, Fire retardant, waterproof, epoxy coated sheet, electrical insulation, and other products.

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Surface tissue production process:

surface mat production process

Glass fiber surface mat is mainly used in the surface layer of FRP products, which can be divided into winding type, hand paste type, and pultrusion type.

Product Introduction
Fiberglass surface Mat is mainly used in the outer layer of the FRP/GRP products with the following 3 Process:
winding, manual lay-up, and pultrusion. This mat is bound by a modified Acrylic resin that is compatible with PE, PP, epoxy, vinyl ester, and polyester resins. Designed to be used as a surfacing tissue for GRP laminates.

Product Properties
Uniform Fiber Distribution
Fast Resin Impregnation
Good Mold Adaptability
Hides Inner Layers, Provide Smooth FRP Products Surface
Prevents Aging with Excellent Corrosion Resistance

Product Features:
1. Rapid wet-through and wet-out
2. With better surface property
3. Waterproof property
4. Enhance mechanical strength
5. Anti-aging


Product Code Weight(g/㎡) Binder (%) Tensile Strength (N/50mm) Wet-out Time(S) Process Moisture (%)
CQ-ECRMW30-SM 30 ≤6 ≥25 ≤10 Manual ≤0.5
CQ-ECRMW50-SM 50 ≤6 ≥40 ≤20 Manual ≤0.5
CQ-ECRMW30-SM 30 ≤7 ≥30 ≤10 Manual ≤0.5
CQ-ECRMW50-SM 50 ≤7 ≥50 ≤16 Manual ≤0.5
CQ-ECRMW90-SM 90 ≤8 ≥200 Pultrusion ≤0.5

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