E-glass Fiberglass Assembled Rovings for SMC

E-Glass Assembled Roving E-Glass Assembled Roving
E-Glass Direct Roving E-Glass Direct Roving
direct roving direct roving


Assembled Rovings for LFI
Assembled Rovings (Fiberglass SMC roving) for LFI are compatible with PU and VE. They deliver properties of low static, excellent dispersion, and good wet-out in resin.

Assembled Roving for Centrifugal Casting
Assembled Roving
for Centrifugal Casting is coated with a silane-based sizing, compatible with UP resin, and delivers excellent choppability and dispersion, low static, fast wet-out, and good mechanical properties of composite products.

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Fiberglass SMC Roving Process

Mix the resins, fillers, and other materials well to form a resin paste, apply the paste on a first film, disperse chopped glass fibers evenly on the resin paste film and cover this paste film with another layer of resin paste film, and then compact the two paste films with pressure rollers of an SMC machine unit to form sheet molding compound products.

fiberglass smc roving production
Product code Typical applications Product Features Nominal linear density(tex)
410J Unit bathroom SMC sanitary products with high boiling resistance 2400




440 Auto parts, Electrical parts, Building decoration, etc. General purpose SMC products
440A Car ceiling Car ceiling
442K Waterproof board, water tank, electrical cabinet, etc. SMC products with high surface quality and easy coloring
448 Automobile structural parts SMC structural parts with high strength and high glass fiber content
456 Automobile exterior parts SMC products with Grade-A surface
458 Bathroom wares SMC products with high surface quality and easy coloring

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