Fiberglass roving Coated with silane-based agents

E-Glass Assembled Roving E-Glass Assembled Roving
E-Glass Direct Roving E-Glass Direct Roving
direct roving direct roving


Coated with silane-based agents, our glass rovings for thermoplastics are ideal options for reinforcing many resin systems such as PA, PBT, PET, PP, ABS, AS, and PC The rovings have excellent processability and dispersion, imparting outstanding physical and mechanical properties to the composite products.

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Extrusion and Injection Processes:

The reinforcements (glass fiber roving or chopped strands) and thermoplastic resin are mixed in an extruder. After cooling, they are chopped into reinforced thermoplastic pellets. The pellets are fed into an injection molding machine to form finished parts.

Fiberglass roving Coated with silane-based agents
Product code Filament diameter(um) Resin compatibility Product Features
360A 14 PP Direct rovingĀ for GMT-UD, excellent weaving property
360H 17 PP Direct roving for GMT, good dispersion
522 13 PP Assembled roving for GMT-RD, excellent choppabilily

End-Use Markets

(Automotive / Consumer Goods and Business Equipment / Sports and Leisure / Electrical and Electronics / Building and Construction / Infrastructure)

CQDJ Products:

Fiberglass roving, fiberglass fabrics, fiberglass mats, fiberglass mesh cloth, and other raw materials for FRP. CQDJ has 40 years of experience in fiberglass and FRP. 3 generations of the family are working in the composites industry. Since 1980, we have focused on Fiberglass and FRP products.

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