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Fiberglass Stitched mat is manufactured by uniformly spreading the fiberglass multi-end roving strands in a certain length into flake and then stitching with polyester yarns. Such mat is mainly applicable to Pultrusion, RTM, Filament winding, Hand lay up, etc..
Pultruded pipes and storage tanks are the typical subsequent processing products.

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Product Features
1. Good Uniformity
2.Excellent Wet Out
3. Loose Structure
4. Isotropy in the sheet

Product code Total Weight(g/m2) Chopped Strand Area Weight(g/m2) Woven Roving Area Weight(g/m2) Chopped Length(mm) Width(mm)
EKM300-1260       300         300 50 1260
EKM450-1260       450         450 50 1260
EKM450/600-1270       1050         450 600 50 1270

End-Use Markets:
Fiberglass stitched mat is made of chopped fiberglass strands in a certain length, then freely put and stitched together with polyester tissue or carbon fiber tissue by polyester yarn. It is compatible with Polyester, Vinyl, and Epoxy resin and is widely used in pultrusion pipes and tanks, FRP boat, insulation panels, anode tubes, auto parts, bath tubes, etc, suitable for pultrusion, filament winding, RTM, hand lay-up processes.

Packaging Details
Every roll in a shrinkage plastic bag, then into a paper carton, 12 or 16 rolls in a pallet.
NOTE: Products can be packed according to the customer’s request.

Packaging & Shipping
Woven roving could be produced into different widths, each roll is wound on a suitable cardboard tube with inside r receive the advance payment
Shipping: by sea or by air

Package Roll Weight(kg/roll) Core Inside/Outside Diameter(mm) Number of rollers per pallet Pallet size(mm) L*W*H
EKM300-1260 45 76.5/260 12/16 1340*1140*150
EKM380-1260 45 76.5/260 12/16 1340*1140*150
EKM450-1260 45 76.5/260 12/16 1340*1140*150

Our products: Fiberglass roving, fiberglass fabrics, fiberglass mats, fiberglass mesh cloth, and other raw materials for FRP.

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