Powder Chopped Strand Mat for Pipe and Continuous Panel Molding


Powder Chopped Strand Mats are made of randomly distributed chopped strands held together by a powder binder. They are compatible with UP, VE, EP, and PF resins. The roll width ranges from 200mm to 3120mm. Additional demands on wet-out and decomposition time can be available upon request.

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Extrusion and Injection Processes:
The reinforcements (glass fiber roving or chopped strands) and thermoplastic resin are mixed in an extruder. After cooling, they are chopped into reinforced thermoplastic pellets. The pellets are fed into an injection molding machine to form finished parts.

Product code Area Weight(g/㎡) Typical Width(mm) Resin Compatibility Product Features
P02 225,300,450 1040,1270 UP, VE, EP High tensile strength, suitable for use in hand lay-up process to produce large-area parts, good wet-through and fast wet-out in resins, rapid air release, the high mechanical strength of composite products, superior acid corrosion resistance

End-Use Markets:
(Automotive / Consumer Goods and Business Equipment / Sports and Leisure / Electrical and Electronics / Building and Construction / Infrastructure)

Continuous Panel Molding Process:
A resin mix is uniformly deposited in a controlled amount onto a moving film at a constant speed. The thickness of the resin is controlled by the draw knife. Fiberglass roving is chopped and uniformly distributed onto the resin. Then a top film is applied to form a sandwich structure. The wet assembly travels through a curing oven to form the composite panel.

Product code Area Weight(g/㎡) Typical Width(mm) Resin Compatibility Product Features
P02 225,300,450,


1040, 1270 UP, VE, EP High tensile strength, good processing, suitable for use in semitransparent and opaque FRP panels
P30 225,300,450,


1040, 1270 UP, VE, EP Fast wet-ouf, suitable for use in high translucent panels

The end-use market for Continuous Panel Molding Process:
(Building and Construction / Automotive / Agriculture / Fibreglass Reinforced Polyester)

CQDJ Products: Fiberglass roving, fiberglass fabrics, fiberglass mats, fiberglass mesh cloth, and other raw materials for FRP.

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