Fiberglass products
1. The glass rope twisted with glass fiber can be called “the king of ropes”

Because the glass rope is not afraid of seawater corrosion and will not rust, it is very suitable for use as a ship cable and crane sling. Although the rope made of synthetic fiber is strong, it will melt at high temperature, but the glass rope is not afraid. Therefore, it is especially safe for ambulancemen to use glass rope.

2. Fiberglass can be processed to weave various glass fabrics – glass fiber fabric

Glass cloth is neither afraid of acid nor alkali, so it is ideal for filter cloth in chemical factories. In recent years, many factories have adopted glass cloth instead of cotton cloth and sack cloth to make packaging bags.

3. Glass fiber is both insulating and heat-resistant, so it is an excellent insulating material.

At present, most motor and electrical factories in my country have used glass fiber as insulating material in large quantities. A 6,000-kilowatt turbogenerator has more than 1,800 insulating parts made of glass fiber! Because glass fiber is used as the insulating material, it not only improves the performance of the motor but also reduces the volume of the motor. It also reduces the cost of the motor, which really kills three birds with one stone.

4. Another important use of glass fiber is to cooperate with plastics to manufacture various glass fiber composite materials.

For example, layers of fiberglass cloth are soaked in hot-melt plastic, and after pressure molding, it becomes the famous “glass fiber reinforced plastic”. FRP is even tougher than steel, it will neither rust nor corrode, and its weight is only a quarter of the same volume of steel.

Therefore, using it to manufacture ships, automobiles, train shells and machine parts can not only save a lot of steel but also greatly increase the payload due to the reduction of the weight of the car and ship itself.

After years of development, my country’s glass fiber enterprises have reached the upstream level in product quality, and the proportion of deep-processed products has increased year by year.

The world glass fiber industry has long been an oligopolistic structure. As a new force, China is expected to occupy more than 60% of the world’s share this year after an average annual growth rate of more than 20% in recent years, becoming a new player in the international glass fiber market. oligarch.

The rapid development of China’s glass fiber industry in recent years is driven by domestic and foreign markets. The expansion of the international market is not only due to the growth of total demand but also because of the development space left by domestic enterprises in the international market after international enterprises withdrew from the industry due to low-profit margins in the early stage.

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The growth of the domestic market comes from the rapid development of downstream consumer industries. After more than 50 years of development, China’s glass fiber has become quite large.

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